Fuzz – The Film Fund on the West Coast of Scandinavia

For feature films, TV drama and computer games (projects) produced in part or wholly in Western Norway, Fuzz AS (Ltd.) can provide equity of up to €250.000, through a scheme of selective co-production investments. Established in 2006 by Bergen City Council, and operating a collective investment fund sourced by private investors, Fuzz is currently providing top financing for six to ten feature length films and computer games per year.

Foreign producers must have a Norwegian co-producer in order to be elegible for investments from Fuzz.

Fuzz will normally take a 1st position in the recoupment of the projects revenues, and will also own a share of the project corresponding to Fuzz´ share of the projects private equity, and own the project together with the main producer. Fuzz will  give the main producer an option to buy Fuzz´ownership after 5 years based on the remaining revenues to be expected from the project.

Western Norway Film Commission can provide you with the information and assistance necessary for filming in the Western part of Norway.